A New Zealand "Sabbatical"
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Home of Nessie Jones (homestay)

  • Nessie Jones
  • 16 Park Lane
  • Timaru, New Zealand
  • tel:+64 3 688 8204
A nice older home in a nice neighborhood. About 2km from downtown. A nice older couple. At least one twin room for guests. Single rate is NZ$35/night

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Daily Digest 14 Feb 2002

  • Cycle Dist: 40.8km,
  • Total Ascent: 140meters
  • Ave. Speed: 18.7kph
  • Riding Time: 2:10
  • Total Elapsed Time: 3:23
  • Spent: NZ$52.70
  • Start: Olde Presbytery Backpackers, Geraldine
  • End: N&L Jones, Park Lane, Timaru

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The Olde Presbytery

I thought that I would just list the places that I've stayed separate from the daily log with a comment or two, sort of like the daily digest.
  • The Olde Presbytery
  • Peter & Faye Koelet
  • 13 Jolie Street
  • Geraldine, New Zealand
  • tel:+64 3 693 9644
  • mailto:pkoelet@hotmail.com
The place is small. A Double, a Single and a four bunk dorm. They supply all linens and blankets and towels. The beds are comfortable. The showers are clean and hot and they have a washer and dryer. The kitchen facilities are primitive compared to other hostels, with only a hot plate and an electric fry pan to cook on.
Fay is quite nice. Makes muffins for the guests every morning. Peter is a little insufferable. They have a 15 year old daughter.

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