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Strathearn Cottage Farmstay

  • Strathearn Cottage Farmstay
  • Strathearn Road, Wairuna R.D.
  • Clinton, New Zealand
  • tel:+64 3 4157444
  • fax:
  • tel:+64 27 39 29 28
  • mailto:WF_NA_Taylor@xtra.co.nz
The Strathearn Cottage Farmstay is a self-contained cottage on the Warick's 3800 acre farm. It is quite nice and modern and comes with food for breakfast. The farm has sheep and cattle, with some rare breed pigs and alpaca and the usual chickens and ducks. NZ$55 Single, NZ$85 Double. Worth the stay.

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Daily Digest 25 Feb 2002

  • Cycle Dist: 68.8km
  • Total Ascent: 101010m
  • Ave. Speed: 13.6kph
  • Riding Time: 5:02
  • Total Elapsed Time: 8:28
  • Spent: NZ$8.20
  • Start: The Happy Inn Backpackers, Milton
  • End: Strathearn Cottage Farmstay, Wairuna Road, Clinton
The wind was incredibly strong by the end of the day and there were many hills. A very tiring and slow day.

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